Thursday, January 31, 2008

-pling plong, ding dong...

My door...

This will never happen!
But IF, what a big surprise…

by Body Politics - Germany...

I Found these at Ornamentum Gallery…
Earrings III by Body Politics by Body Politics - Germany
18K gold, silver, pearls, coral, carnelian, leather, horn, wood, polyester
4 1/4 (including wires) x 1 1/8 x 3/8 inches

"Pangu" Ring
by Body Politics - Germany
Polyester, Carnelian
1 5/8 x 1 1/8 x 1 7/8 inches

Ted Noten...

Ted Noten, Amsterdam
Different sides of the same coin or the same artist…
I really like when a person has a lot of ideas and do them, instead of thinking;
” I should do just like this or that”…
I like the everyday life ring on the top of the blog, but I think the other jewelleries and objects are very interesting and thoughtful too.

a line between the birds in the sky...

A line between the birds in the sky...
I try to connected the birds like a necklace; tread them up on a line, just as a mind map idea… May be it’s possible to use the way the birds are placed in the sky in some kind of jewellery?!
Or may be I done it the easiest way, may be I need to draw the line in a more unexpected way?!

Its a little bite wired what a line can do on an image,
I think that the image is more “clear” and not so messy with all the birds in the sky, when I draw a line between them…

Ana Cardim...

Ana is a friend of a friend to me…
I know Marta Miguel, a great artist from Barcelona … Marta send me the garbage pin project by internet and I like it and I also like Anas interesting solution in her work and the colourful jewelleries she had made…
And this button rings are amazing and done with a lot of fantasy! Love them!

garbage pin project...

An Ana Cardim project.

Here you can read and see more about the garbage Pin project and see other jewellerys from Ana Cardim…

More of… at:

Garbage Pin

“Garbage Pin is born of a definitely urban concept, the appropriation and
reinterpretation of a daily use object: the garbage bin.
Being one of the most common typologies of urban equipment in the
cosmopolitan network, the garbage bag belongs without any doubt to the
collective imagery, present in every urbanite life’s day as a reflection of a
culture involved with the accelerated and growing consumism, as is ours.
It is a call to reflect on the current social paradigm that confronts notions such
as “waste” and “valuable”, both relative and subjective concepts. It is a call as
well for the innumerable problems that derive from a society of consumers;
those of environmental and ecologic sort that lead us today to a future break
with the current ecosystem.
This is a project that originates several pieces. It isn’t a unique piece but
certainly a production series that prompts work in progress, where the idea of
open work is also defended. This way, the pieces only acquire sense when
interpreted by the users. The potential users of Garbage Pin are those who
inhabit the big cities.
As a piece of jewelry, it is presented as a pin of reduced dimensions (4,5 x 2 x
3 cm): a metallic silver structure that holds a tiny, transparent plastic bag (the
garbage bag). This bag, once full, can be removed, closed with a wire and
kept as a outcome of the experience.
The piece is sold as a kit that includes spare plastic bags and wires.
The choice of materials used (silver and plastic bags), provokes the
confrontation of concepts such as value and waste. Silver as a noble metal is
opposed to plastic bags, used and discarded in our society in frightening

How to acquire Garbage Pin

Garbage Pin is currently sold in galleries or through the link: (shipping include)
It can exceptionally be given as a present. Each person that acquires
Garbage Pin is informed of the project and becomes part of it by receiving a

The proposal
The proposal consists in asking the carrier to make use of the piece in a
conscious manner during 5 consecutive days. Through this period of time,
s/he will experiment with it and choose the contents to put on the plastic bags
according to her/his perspective and reflections originated by this project.
After that time, s/he would have gathered 5 garbage bags with their respective
contents. Each bag has to be sealed with a wire and kept. It is asked not to
throw the garbage bags generated in this experience to the garbage bag,
since they will be later on used to build an installation. For each of these bags,
a picture is asked for (jpg or psd –300 dpi definition) with a neutral background
(black or white)*. We also ask for a picture of the person (half body) using the
garbage pin (jpg or psd –300 dpi definition) with a neutral background (black
or white)*
Each person is requested to write a small text (max. 15th lines, body 12) to
present the reflections and sensations experimented throughout the use of this
piece, together with a description and explanation of the choice of contents
that have been placed inside of each bag.

Project exhibitions scheduled from November 2008: Lisbon, Barcelona,
Rome, Porto, Munich.
Handout deadline for graphic material: 20th May 2008
Posting deadline for pin and garbage bags: 25th September 2008 (posting
expenses held by the participants)
Pins and garbage bags will be returned to the participants after the exhibitions
(posting expenses held by the project organizer).”
I think this is a really interesting project and I look forward to see the final!
Good luck with the project, the work to collect and build an exhibition in the end…
I hope it wills ending up in some catalogue or other publication, so I can take part and se what happened.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

french knitting techniques and different beads...

Glass beads, tread and wool, I figured out how I can use it together in a interesting and playful way.
This is my way of working just now, I think it’s interesting to built up 3-D shapes with this French knitting techniques and different beads… I also use wool to get some kind of contrast to the beads…

Leanne Davies...

One of the students from:
The School of Jewellery, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, UCE

Leanne Davies

"Coming from a textiles background I set myself the challenge of finding a way to combine my textile knowledge with jewellery making. I used my knowledge of print techniques and enamelling to develop a new way of producing imagery on fine metal mesh. Animals and plants are my visual inspiration. Our earliest ancestors saw animals not just as food to be hunted but also as companions in a world context that made up their existence. Animals that inspire me as shapes have been used to form the basis of the imagery in my work. Flowers have been adapted and stylised to compliment the animal silhouettes.

I am interested in colour, texture and pattern. As a textile designer I have a need to produce pattern. My patterns are not only meant to form a backdrop for the jewellery pieces, the prints are meant to produce a stylised world for the jewellery to inhabit.
Research into costume detailing has been used to further reinforce the cross-over between textile production and jewellery. Details such as collars and cuffs have been adapted to produce jewellery pieces".

Julie Arkell...
Objet : Accessoires ludiques et poétiques.Design : Julie Arkell – Londres, Angleterre

One of my favourites in the artworld ; Julie Arkell, I saw her things for the first time this last summer when I was visiting London. I feel very happy and glad when I see all her dolls and objects, they are so childness in an adult way, love them !

amazing unique porcelain rings...

Amazing unique porcelain rings...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

interesting pieces...

Carolina h.o Valparaiso, Chile
For about one week or two weeks earlier, I was searching for jewelleries from South America, I was curios what happen over there and in the beginning of my blog carrier, I had link this site… And forget it.
But now I found it again, and I have to tell that it was a nice surprise, I like the most of the jewelleries on the blog, interesting material mix.

Gisselle Marie Morales ...

I think that many good and intersting jewellery artists comes from Barcelona, here is one…
Gisselle Marie Morales from Barcelona, Spain.

Take a look at her blog and you will see more nice pieces.

interesting shapes…

Anthony Aziz and Sammy Cucher of Aziz + Cucher, New York created these digitally modified photographs of objects and space covered in skin. From the Ellen Lupton book, Skin: surface substance and design.


Johan Persson...

I got these photos from a friend; Johan Persson who was out looking for pipes in different situations… I think that this is a really good idea, to pay attention to the pipe that “lives” by our side… For me it becomes some kind of fairytales… I love them more and more…
First I don’t saw the point, but now I can sit and have imagination about these “creatures”.
I like this idea very much and I hope I get more images of this kind.
So Johan, go on and look at the world as you do!

Anke Weiss...

Designer; Anke Weiss.

What a great idea! To reuse packaging from everyday life!
Want one!!!

It’s soooooooo much good things in it, look by your self, I felt that I could be looking at all the interesting things for hours.

Johan Harrington...

Johan Harrington.

The chandelier is made from crystal glasses and hangs from an illuminated, cast glass ceiling rose.
Designer John Harrington