Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NEW - NOW...

My new blog:


now I’m ending this blog…

Now I’m ending this blog…

Some while ago I get some strange comments linked to this blog, after a while I understand that I get ugly bugs.
So now I can’t link sites to this blog, I can’t search for the blog at internet and if you are one of all the good visitors, you know that you have to answer if you aloud this site or not.
I can’t add photos and text as before etc.
I don’t know how I will do with it, so after thinking… and thinking… I will end this site and started a new one… I hope you will visit my new blog, later on.

Thank you all nice people who has visit my blog!
I’m grateful!

I will return with the new blog address as soon I have created a new blog.

So, sooooooooooo long! Good bye for awhile.

some kind of symbolic…

This cactus has giving flowers twice this year… I have been involved in two blogs so far…
First it was the jewellery project blog, an collaborate by internet with jewellery artist all around the worlds, a project who was going on for two years and ending up last year with exhibitions in Oslo in Norway, Nääs in Sweden and in Krakow, Poland…

Then I started this blog, the f-art blog, to show people what’s going on between shows of jewelleries… What inspired me in my works and what I’m doing in the time between, showing the process… I think this blog has giving me perspective of my own work, what I’m doing with my time and that I have a good life with a lot’s of happenings… I also think that the blogsystem is sooooooooooo interesting, it’s gives you (me) new contacts, you can see a lot of really good things in others blogs and it’s a nice way to helping each other to spread they things… Rings on the water are a good image.

But now I have to move further… I will ending this blog and start a new one…

at the same time in another place in Sweden...

My father sent me this photo at Sunday; he had caught some roes at the street of Alnö the island that I’m raises up on… Same time, same country and totally different weathers!

Sunday in the sun...

A lovely day with friends out at the archipelago of Gothenburg… (Saltholmen).
We had a really nice day, a calm photo session day, drinking coffee at the rocks, taking walks in the area, seeing all spring signs in the nature and get happy to be outside in ocean air…
Life quality!

Anna Elisa Nilson...

I meet Anna Elisa at Amalias exhibition this Saturday, and I’m always looking at others jewelleries, some kind of working disease…
She hade done this brooch out of electronic small pieces… As always, I like things from other areas coming into/used in the jewellery fields.

Amalia Kenamets... "mixed feelings"...

Amalia Kenamets show her objects and paintings at Gallery Bella at Masthuggstorget in Gothenburg 12-24 April.

I really, really like Amailas showcases and I can absolutely warmly recommend stopping by the gallery. It’s an interesting mixed of found objects and I like the touch of the Catholicism in it… mixed with our “Swedish” traditions to use drift-wood.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The spinach sidewalk...

The spinach sidewalk, a spring sign in Gothenburg suburbs…
We have some allotment-garden cottage in Gothenburg and this one is close by my home, a nice area… and all the small ways in this area has name like the "carrot way" or like this one; the spinach way/sidewalk…

e-mail from the U.S...

Photos from Lisa Lubin by e-mail from U.S

Now I hope the winter and snow is gone, here and there…
Lisas mother took care of this beautiful elk. I think these two nice photos of the elk are like some kind of postcards, may be Lisa can sell them and earn a lot of money on it…


Some links that I got from Lisa, about her hometown Chicago… I hope to visit her some day.


Deganit Stern-Schocken...

Deganit Stern-Schocken is also a very interesting Israel jewellery artist; we meet in Stockholm and konstfack many years ago…
How many times haven’t I passed this kind of object in the streets of Gothenburg and thought; what could I do with this interesting run over cans?!
Now I got the answer!!!

Deganit Stern-Schocken

Pendant: Untitled
Smashed cans, diamonds

Pendant: Untitled
Smashed cans, zircons

From the amazing jewellery site; www.klimt02net

Esther Knobel...

Esther Knobel is one of my favourite jewellery artists and our ways has crossed twice, one in a workshop at HDK and once at a workshop and seminar in Stockholm at Konstfack… I like her jewelleries and I like her as a person too.

Esther Knobel
Brooch: The Mind in the Hand 2006-2007
Silver, iron thread

From the amazing jewellery site; www.klimt02net

Anna Fornari...

Anna Fornari
Pendant: Spoon 2000
Green agathe, silver
8 x 3.50 x 1.50 cm

From the amazing jewellery site; www.klimt02net


From the amazing jewellery site; www.klimt02net

Uli Rapp
1) Brooch: Untitled 2008
2) Necklace: Scarf cut zilver black 2008

Ted Noten
3) Piece: Chew your own brooch. Kit 1998
Cardboard box, chewing gum, plastic box with chalk powder, stamps
Artist’s collection

Julia Walter
4) Brooch: Stone 02.1, 2008
Pu-foam, magnets, metallic paint
10 x 5 x 5 cm
Lucca Preziosa Young

Miriam Hiller

5) Brooch: Untitled 2008
Lucca Preziosa Young

Anna Ulin...

Anna Ulin are also a member of Sintra; http://sintra.o.se/
I like her things a lot and when I see them I want them!!!

Maria Kristofersson...

I like Marias things very much and she has done such interesting and good wall clocks in clay… You can see them at gallery Sintra.



Fridays pipes...and a advertising sign...

Chris Vicini...

Chris Vicinis ceramic are very interesting and you can look at the objects/sculptures for a long time and see more and more new stuff in it… I love the work!

The exhibition is at gallery Sintra in Haga, Gothenburg.

Walter Chen...

Walter Chen amazing jewelleries, take a look at his blog:


Thursday... pipes from Barcelona...

Pipe guys from Dario Rimbo, Barcelona, Spain.
I’m so grateful of this e-mail contact, which results in pipes from other parts then Gothenburg, even if Gothenburg is full of these incredible pipe guys… I like to open my e-mail from Dario, knowing that its pipe guys deliver!