Tuesday, April 15, 2008

now I’m ending this blog…

Now I’m ending this blog…

Some while ago I get some strange comments linked to this blog, after a while I understand that I get ugly bugs.
So now I can’t link sites to this blog, I can’t search for the blog at internet and if you are one of all the good visitors, you know that you have to answer if you aloud this site or not.
I can’t add photos and text as before etc.
I don’t know how I will do with it, so after thinking… and thinking… I will end this site and started a new one… I hope you will visit my new blog, later on.

Thank you all nice people who has visit my blog!
I’m grateful!

I will return with the new blog address as soon I have created a new blog.

So, sooooooooooo long! Good bye for awhile.


santicotarelojoyas said...

entiendo lo que leo pero no puedo escribir en ingles ahora, espero que tu si leas en español. Que lastima lo que te paso, espero enterarme pronto de tu nuevo blog, saludos

Fernando Cristeche said...

Why did you shut it? Because there are people who don`t understand anything? You must think that there are, too, people who support you and consider that your work is really fantastic!!!
I don`t know what are you doing in your new site, I did`nt see it yet.
Please, could you reconsider your decition? Thanks a lot, and congratulations for being an artist!!!